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Welcome to the Sydney Latvian Society's web site. These pages present information about the Society's activities and the various organizations that operate under the Society's umbrella.

In these pages the Sydney Latvian Society is referred to by its Latvian acronym SLB, which appears on the Society's logo. The letter B stands for "Biedrība", which means "Society" in Latvian. The Sydney Latvian Society office is located at the Sydney Latvian House:
32 Parnell St, Strathfield NSW 2135, Australia
Phone: (02) 9744 8500

Coronavirus - COVID-19
Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, all events at Sydney Latvian House have been cancelled and the Latvian House will remain closed until further notice.


Events at Latvian House

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Events in other locations:

Sydney "Daugavas Vanagi"

Sydney Ev.Lut. Latvian congregation

Latvian Ev.Lut. Unity congregation

How to recognize a Latvian

More than likely, you have sometime, somewhere in the world, seen a person wearing a heavy silver or gold ring of an interlaced, distinctive design. If so, you have seen a Latvian, or someone close to one, because many Latvians, especially outside of Latvia, wear the Namejs ring, as a kind of recognition symbol, a symbol of being Latvian. The design of the Namejs’ ring is of ancient origins and there are several stories as to its origin and meaning. Here is one of them.

According to legend, Namejs was the leader of the Semigallian tribes in Latvia during the invasion of German crusaders at the beginning of the 13th century. He was one of the last warriors fighting against foreign invasion at that time. During the battles, Namejs was forced to retreat to Lithuania together with his family and tribe. There Namejs ordered those rings to be made and gave them to his closest people as a symbol of friendship and trust. The four close braids of the ring express the solidarity of the Latvian nation.

Since that time this has been the most popular Latvian ring. This ring helps Latvians all over the world to recognize each other. So if you see somebody wearing a Namejs ring, they are probably Latvian!

The ring can be in gold or silver. It can be ordered via the Gift shop at Latvian House.

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